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Rocketry at ASK Netherlands 20 July 2012.

LanceringenPosted by Ivan Van Limbergen Sun, August 05, 2012 20:41:14

20 July 2012 was a bit cloudy and windy, but dry rocketry day at the ASK military site in The Netherlands.

Besides helping out here and there, I wasn't invloved in any of the projects that day. Leaving me with plenty of time to shoot a lot of pictures. You can find the result on the VRO website.

I've spread the pictures over 5 different albums by subject :

ASK 20July 2012 Logistics : Installation of the lauch pad, firing line and control center.

ASK 20July 2012 Nero Spro 2 : Nero Spro 2 rocket launch and search for retreval.

ASK 20 Juli 2012 REDG : REDG N2O - Petroleum liquid propellant motor test.

ASK 20 Juli 2012 Nero H13-B : Nero H13-B rocket launch and landing.

ASK 20 Juli 2012 TU-Delft : Technical University Delft rocket preparation and launch.

Enjoy the pictures,